Steps for Online Excise Registration

online excise registration
online central excise registration

Below are the steps for making online Excise Registration -

1. The user needs to log onto the system, through internet at

2. He/she chooses the Central Excise button from the panel appearing on the left of the webpage.

3. Clicks the button “New Users Click here to Register with ACES” in the Log-in screen that appears after clicking Central Excise button.

4. Fills in and submits the form “Registration with ACES”, by furnishing a self-chosen user ID and e-mail ID. User ID, once chosen is final and cannot be changed by the assessee in future.

5. The system will check for availability of the chosen User ID and then generate a password and send it by e-mail, mentioned by him/her in the Form.

6. ACES provides assistance of ‘Know your location code’ for choosing correct jurisdictional office.

7. The user then re-logs-in and proceeds with the statutory registration with Central Excise, by filling-in the appropriate Form namely A-1,A-2 etc. by clicking the “Reg” link in the Menu bar that appears on the top of the screen. For security reasons, the password should be changed immediately.

8. The system instantaneously generates an acknowledgement number after which the registration request goes to the jurisdictional Assistant or Deputy Commissioner (AC/DC).

9. Assessees may be required to submit certain documents to the department for verification. After due processing, the AC/DC, in case of Central Excise and Superintendent /Commissioner (for centralized registration only), in case of Service Tax, generates Registration Certificate (RC) and a message to this effect is sent to the assessees The assessee can view this and take a print-out of this.

10. Depending on the option chosen, the signed copy of the RC can be sent by post or can be collected by assessee in person.

11. The registration number will be same as the current 15-digit format with minor change such as

For-PAN based Assessees

1-10 digits – PAN of the Assessee

11-12 digits–EM (Excise Manufacturer), ED (Excise Dealer), SD (Service Tax)

13-15–Systems generated alphanumeric serial number

For non-PAN based assessees

1-4 digits TEMP

5-10 Systems generated alpha numeric number

11-12 EM (Excise Manufacturer) or ED (Excise Dealer), SD (Service Tax)

13-15–Systems generated alphanumeric serial number


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