Part performance of a service at different locations – Rule 7 of Place of Provision of Services Rules, 2012

What does this Rule imply?

This Rule covers situations where the actual performance of a service is at more than one location, and occasionally one (or more) such locations may be outside the taxable territory.

This Rule states as follows:-

“Where any service stated in rules 4, 5 & 6 is provided at more than one location, including a location in the taxable territory, its place of provision shall be the location in the taxable territory where the greatest proportion of the service is provided”.

Illustration 1

An Indian firm provides a ‘technical inspection and certification service’ for a newly developed product of an overseas firm (say, for a newly launched motorbike which has to meet emission standards in different states or countries). Say, the testing is carried out in Maharashtra (20%), Kerala (25%), and an international location (say, Colombo 55%).

Notwithstanding the fact that the greatest proportion of service is outside the taxable territory, the place of provision will be the place in the taxable territory where the greatest proportion of service is provided, in this case Kerala.

This rule is, however, not intended to capture insignificant portion of a service rendered in any part of the taxable territory like mere issue of invoice, processing of purchase order or recovery, which are not by way of service actually performed on goods.

It is clarified that this rule is applicable in performance-based services or location-specific services (immovable property related or event-linked). Normally, such services when provided in a non-taxable territory would require the presence of separate establishments in such territories. By virtue of an explanation of sub-clause (44) of section 65B, they would constitute distinct persons and thus it would be legitimate to invoice the services rendered individually in the two territories.

Source – STEG 2012

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