Services where the Provider as well as Receiver is located in taxable territory – Rule 8 of Place of Provison of Services Rule, 2012

What is the place of provision of a service where the location of the service provider and that of the service receiver is in the taxable territory?

The place of provision of a service, which is provided by a provider located in the taxable territory to a receiver who is also in the taxable territory, will be the location of the receiver.

What is the implication of this Rule?

This Rule covers situations where the place of provision of a service provided in the taxable territory may be determinable to be outside the taxable territory, in terms of the application of one of the earlier Rules i.e. Rule 4 to 6, but the service provider, as well as the service receiver, are located in the taxable territory.

The implication of this Rule is that in all such cases, the place of provision will be deemed to be in the taxable territory, notwithstanding the earlier rules. The presence of both the service provider and the service receiver in the taxable territory indicates that the place of consumption of the service is in the taxable territory. Services rendered, where both the provider and receiver of the service are located outside the taxable territory, are now covered by the mega exemption.


A helicopter of Pawan Hans Ltd (India based) develops a technical snag in Nepal. Say, engineers are deputed by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore, to undertake repairs at the site in Nepal. But for this rule, Rule 4, sub-rule (1) would apply in this case, and the place of provision would be Nepal i.e. outside the taxable territory. However, by application of Rule 7, since the service provider, as well as the receiver, are located in the taxable territory, the place of provision of this service will be within the taxable territory.

Source – STEG 2012

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